TY48 – Frequently Asked Questions

TY48 – Frequently Asked Questions

TY48®, our 48 hour Turbo Yeast product, was developed by our founder Philip Jones over 20 years ago and to this day is manufactured, packaged and quality tested on site.

What ABV can be achieved using TY48®?

TY48®  Turbo Yeast will ferment pure sugar syrups to 14% ABV in 48 hours, or to 20% ABV in 5 days.

What is the produced alcohol like?

TY48® creates a high quality, clean, neutral alcohol base or “alcobase” which can be used to make a variety of alcoholic drinks. The alcohol produced using TY48® has a more natural, smooth and fuller flavour than when using Grain Neutral Spirit (GNS).

Under what process conditions can I use TY48®?

Optimum results come from maintaining liquid fermentation temperature between 20-26°C however due to its high temperature tolerance you can ferment up to 38°C. Note that the lower the temperature, the longer the fermentation time. For example, fermenting below 20°C, would take approximately 10 days to reach 20% ABV.

Do I need to add any additional macro or micro nutrients when using TY48®?

TY48® combines a complete and chemically defined macro and micro nutrition blend with a vigorous, temperature tolerant active dried distiller’s yeast. This means no need for separate formulations.

Why should I use alcohol made with TY48® over buying Grain Neutral Spirit (GNS)?

TY48® is a fast and efficient way of producing a high quality, clean and neutral alcohol for various drinks applications. It will produce a more natural, smooth, fuller flavour than typical grain neutral spirits, as well as lowering raw material costs and increasing the brewer’s process control. In some territories there can also be significant tax savings associated with making your own alcohol vs purchasing in a GNS to use in your manufacturing process.

Which drinks applications are TY48® most suited?

TY48® is suited to a range of drinks applications, it’s predominantly used by manufacturers making flavoured malt beverages and low ABV RTDs, but it also used by many for various spirit and liqueur making applications.

What fermentation substrates can be used with TY48®?

TY48® is ideal for low nutrition fermentation substrates including refined sugars such as glucose, dextrose and sucrose; it additionally works well with potato and molasses substrates.

Do I need to monitor my pH throughout fermentation?

No. TY48® maintains a healthy pH throughout, so you don’t have to monitor the fermentation.

TY48® is part of our Turbo Yeast range. You can view the entire range here, If you require any further information about TY48® or any of our additional products, please contact us.

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